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Guiding The Next Generation

The purpose of this book is to provide a valuable guide for those students who will graduate this year and the years to come.  Additionally, as a motivational resource for those adults, which have lost hope in the search for a career to enhance their lives.  Regarding the former, upon graduation the typical choice among all choices is what college to choose, whether you pursue a college degree to improve your ability to secure a quality of life that will make you happy, or the pursuit of a change career.inspiration in your continuous pursuit for a better way  life.

Students reading Author Tommie S. Hinton's Book


Author Tommie S. Hinton's Book

The development of one’s thinking refers back to the prehistoric days when the cave man thought their aggressiveness toward women would make their women think that they were strong and protective.  Even then was the need to be perceived as powerful and this power was a way for the species to be viewed as strong. This perception was need for their counterpart to feel protected within their environment, from wild animals, nature, and from other tribes, who look to enslave and ruled their women and children.

Holding a Book

A Note From The Author

Hello, this is Tommie S. Hinton. This book is the summary of works designed after 30 years of research.  It describes events and truths which will enable you to live a better life.  A reflection of history which is certain to be repeated.  As we are educated on how things work and what it will take to make life work for each us.

Tommie S. Hinton

The highlights from been raise in a small town is everyone knows everyone.  At a young age this wasn't good, do something foolish one night and the next morning it's all over town.  If bad enough wasn't enough and your parents hear about it, then you knew what to expect.  My dreams were to become a great lawyer one day.  I even wrote a play about the courtroom and act as a lawyer in the play.  It was a good play.   My classmate assisted me with all aspects of it, sure he played the role of prosecuting attorney and me, the defense attorney.  Well, after graduation, I enlisted into the military, and prior to my discharge got married and moved to California and yes we had a baby, sweet pea we call her.  The dream kind of taken second base to my obligations.  However, did write a book of a sort, about credit and help those less fortunate learning how to correct, repair, and use it to their benefits.  The expectations were that I would work in my father's store.  Well at 18 you see how that went.

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