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Guiding The Next Generation

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"The development of one’s thinking refers back to the prehistoric days when the cave man thought their aggressiveness toward women would make their women think that they were strong and protective.  Even then was the need to be perceived as powerful and this power was a way for the species to be viewed as strong. This perception was need for their counterpart to feel protected within their environment, from wild animals, nature, and from other tribes, who look to enslave and ruled their women and children.  This perception of dominance is one form of thinking that enables one tribe to develop and grow stronger.


Their strength was acknowledged through their numbers and the amount of resources, such as food, land, and animals use for food and making clothing, and trade, which were some of their attribute for their existence.  What truly is the nature of mankind?  Is it to be strong?  Is it the nature of being in control?  Can one exist without the other?  As you ponder this, and the development of one’s thinking and compare it with the beginning of human existence, as far back as the caveman, you will begin to understand ones’ own nature.  Why do one person have a million dollars and one has barely enough to survive in America?

Is it a matter of race or is it one’s reasoning? Are the cards stacked against one person over another?  What are the characteristic of one person success over another?  Is it because one person is inherited smarter than another?  Consider, the opportunities in America are afford to everyone within its borders, so then, what really distinguish one person success over another?   I worked for a millionaire for over fifteen years and the only thing that separated his success from mines was the fact that he was committed to follow his plan that he believe would yield him his success."

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