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Thought For Today.

Updated: Mar 20, 2023

(6). Learn to be calm about matter through deep mediation. The key word is "learn", webster dictionary describe "learn" as "to gain knowledge or understanding of or skill in by study or instruction, or experience. Remember knowledge is the key to belief, to know is to believe. One must be taught to believe. Let's look at this parable, 1. Man's will to believe is the key to life, love, and happiness. 2. To love is to believe you can. 3. The belief that nothing is impossible. 4. Belief comes from knowledge. 5. Knowledge is the key to belief. 6. To know is to believe. 7. One must be taught to believe. 8. This is done through the continuous testing of one's ability. 9. Performance is the confidence of knowing how to accomplish any task. 10. Control comes through this belief. This control is exercise through the word. To believe in the word is to be free from the world's iniquities. The word is free from the world's iniquities.

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