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  • Tommie Hinton

Long as you think you grow, as compared to a seed of a tree, that planted, fertilize and nourished.

What does that mean, long as you think you grow? This is one of the most important topics in my book, People are ruled through ethics to develop and control, and you thought you knew. Without thoughts, we have no purpose. A purpose to grow, a purpose to see others grow, each day we have some tasks whether it's planned or unplanned. If you have a plan, then you have a direction, and this direction will yield your plans. Thoughts as compared to a seed of a tree planted, fertilize, and nourished to grow. For example, A young boy or girl who wants to become an astronaut at a young age begins to think and inquires with their parents, who advise them to make good grades while in school. He is advised to begin saving money so that he may further that education by going to college or joining the air force where he can serve and be trained in aeronautics. the seed has been planted and fertilized with his training as a pilot, and education on aspects of flying. Thus, the seed has been nourished through this training and finally developed to the point that now they are mature enough to join the air force and becomes a pilot and learn all the functions of aeronautics where they may now become an astronaut. This is one of many examples that individuals may take to advance themselves in life. This person could also become an independent pilot and contract out to fly for an independent company.

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