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Guiding The Next Generation

The purpose of this book is to provide a valuable guide for those students who will graduate this year and the years to come.  Additionally, as a motivational resource for those adults, which have lost hope in the search for a career to enhance their lives.

Regarding the former, upon graduation the typical choice among all choices is what college to choose, whether you pursue a college degree to improve your ability to secure a quality of life that will make you happy, or the pursuit of a change career.  The ultimate question is will either choice make you happy?  This then is the true question. For the latter, this book will help shape your new careers and build a solid foundation in time of doubts and discouragement in a constant changing economical environment.  Those adults who have experience the challenges of an indifferent economical environment in the pursuit of changing career, this book will serve as an inspiration in your continuous pursuit for a better way  life.

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About The Author

Tommie was from a small southern town,  Where everyone knew everyone, thus making secrets very difficult to keep.  If he was to get into trouble the night before school the next morning everyone would know.  thus his desire to become a writer was second in line to his desire to become a lawyer.Hello, this is Tommie S. Hinton. This book is the summary of works designed after 30 years of research.  It describes events and truths which will enable you to live a better life.  A reflection of history which is certain to be repeated.  As we are educated on how things work and what it will take to make life work for each us.

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